Bridal Make Up

Bridal Make Up

There are many types of bridal make up looks, and finding the right look can be a tricky thing. Personally, I think there is one main factor to consider: Your Personality.

When deciding your wedding day make up look, you should always consider your "everyday look" and enhance it. Many brides want to try something new to stand out on their wedding day (wear bold lipstick, heavy eyeshadow, less blush more bronzer, etc.), and later come to regret that decision once they see their wedding photos. You still want to look like you, and so do your friends & family.

Never, ever try a completely differently look you've never done before, as that can turn into a disaster; especially if you are trying new products. If you do want to show a different side of yourself on your wedding day, that's completely fine! Just make sure you have done some make up trials and are happy with the results. Also, make sure to test new products on your skin for at least 24 hours. 

It's also important to think about what you are going to be doing. Are you having a beach wedding? Where are your pictures going to be taken? Is your make up appropriate in terms of culture? Is there a specific theme in mind (Old Hollywood, Paris, etc.)? What does your dress look like? What are your wedding colours? and the list can go on and on.The main point here is to have a sense of consistency. If you're not happy with your look, in other words, if you're not happy with yourself, then you will have a stressful day. 

Bottom line: If you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, then that's not the look for you. You know it and so will all your guests. 


Wedding Day Looks: