This Week's Favourites

This Week's Favourites

Taylor Swift's New Album 1989

A great album with many versatile beats and beautiful lyrics.

Favourite love related song on the album:
You Are in Love

A [first dance?] song which depicts a realistic image of falling in love.

"You kiss on sidewalks.
You fight and you talk.
One night he wakes,
strange look on his face
then says,
you're my best friend
And you knew what it was, he is in love."

Coffee Mug Proposal 

Proposal's don't have to take place at night, in candle light or under the stars. That's not what makes them memorable. It's the thought put into a proposal which is important. Such as this one:

marry me 2.jpg

A boyfriend made this for his name future bride-to-be, since she starts each morning with a cup of tea. Knowing that she savours every minute of this moment, and usually doesn't say a word until she's done - he knew it was the perfect, sentimental surprise. First thing, Sunday morning, after her cup of tea, she reads this message at the bottom of her cup. If you ask me, that's a great way to start the day!

You can buy these mugs on from different merchants. Simply search: "proposal mug", "engagement cup", "marry me mug" or you can make it a DIY project.

DIY Instructions: A sharpie (any colour) and a porcelain dish (even one from the dollarstore, Target or Wal-Mart will do). Simply draw or write on your message, then bake cup for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow cup to completely cool before using and washing. Avoid microwave use. 

These Bride/Wedding T-Shirts

A great congratulations gift if you're the future husband or friends of the bride. And they're inexpensive! Ranging from $15.00-$30.00.

Found on:


A Thoughtful Bridal Bouquet 

I love these tiny photo frames pinned to the bride's bouquet. It's like having those you love walking you down the aisle when they cannot be there on your wedding day. 

Beautifully Painted Cakes 

painted cake 5.jpg

Delicately painted and tasty. 'Nuff said.