The Bridal Party

Planning a wedding is like producing a play. A lot happens “behind the scenes” before you can say, "lights, camera, action!" Soon after picking a date, you must start "casting" your bridal party. Some get the role without an audition whatsoever, while others take a little more thought. 

Bridal Party Tip: keep the bride and groom happy!

Bridal Party Tip: keep the bride and groom happy!

Groom’s Side

  • Mother of the Groom

  • Father of the Groom

  • Best Man

  • Groomsmen

  • Jr.Groomsmen

Bride’s Side

  • Mother of the Bride

  • Father of the Bride

  • Maid/Matron of Honour

  • Bridesmaid

  • Jr. Bridesmaid

Either Side

  • Flower girl/child

  • Ring Bearer

  • Officiant

  • Pages

  • Ushers

  • Extras (help with readings, guest book, gifts, envelopes, etc.

Some significant details …

Best Man

Groom’s #1 man throughout the entire wedding process, just like he has been throughout the grooms life. The best man is usually the first to know (outside of family) that the groom is going to propose. His job includes: fashion consultant ("I don’t think your girl will agree with the batman costume ... lose the mask?"), bachelor-party planner and coordinator, getting the groom to the ceremony on time, holding the bride’s wedding band throughout the ceremony, signing the marriage license, creating a toast, and keeps the party going during the reception.

best man.jpg


Maid/Matron of Honour

Similar to the best man, this role serves as the bride’s right-hand lady throughout the entire planning process. This lady has probably been through thick and thin with the bride. She’s the logical and rational side of the bride’s brain when need be, and of course offers tons of emotion support.

Her duties include: leading the bridesmaids, handling some of the wedding planning (helping pick the dress, etc.), toasting the bride and groom, signing the marriage license, helping the bride in-and-out of her dress the day of, holding her bouquet, adjusting her dress, train and veil, and holding onto the groom’s wedding band until the "I dos."

Every now and then, the maid of honour might help the groom pick the engagement ring, help plan the proposal, figure out the bride’s ring size, etc. 




The groomsmen consist of the groom's close friends and relatives. If the bride has a brother, they are usually included as one of the groomsmen. Most common duties include: support your friend throughout the planning process, help the best man plan the bachelor party, attend pre-wedding ceremonies, take care of your suit & tie ahead of time, help out throughout the wedding day by introducing guest to each other, dancing with your bridesmaid partner, keep everyone calm no matter what happens, get the party started, and help clean up once the party is over. 



Similar to groomsmen, bridesmaids consist of the bride's closest family and friends. In some cultures, if the groom has a sister, she may be included as one of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids need to stick together! There is nothing worse than a group of catty, unwilling girls.  Duties include: helping the MOH in anyway that they can, help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party, purchasing their own attire (even if you don't like the dress), attend pre-wedding ceremonies, help guest feel welcomed on the wedding day, and encourage guest to join them on the dance floor.