Types of Commitment Rings (other than an engagement ring or wedding band)

The Promise Ring

Not all couples share a promise ring, but those who do are usually in their teenage years. It can be given for religious reasons – a promise to “save yourself” for marriage, or can be a way of saying “once we’re old enough to take care of ourselves, we’ll get married.” However, promise rings can also be shared for reasons that do not necessarily have to do with marriage. For example, best friends can share a promise ring, as can a parent with their child. Some promise rings may also be cultural, such as Irish Claddagh rings, which can also be passed on as heirlooms. Ultimately, a promise ring symbolizes commitment and dedication towards a significant relationship.

warning sign to men – If you have been in a long-term relationship (usually consider anything 10+ months), and are no longer considered a “teenager”, a promise ring is not what your lady wants. Many women who receive promise rings from their long-term, adult boyfriends, view it as a way for their boyfriend to avoid speaking about marriage. They find that anytime they do want to discuss the future, their significant other brings up “the promise ring” as enough proof of their everlasting love. She’ll wait for the engagement ring, and if that’s not in the plan, do her a favour an let her know ASAP.

The Anniversary Ring

Also know as eternity bands, these rings represent a renewed commitment between spouses. They are usually given as an anniversary gift to represent milestones (first year of marriage, 10 years of marriage, etc.) Unlike an engagement or wedding ring, anniversary rings can be worn on any finger. There is also no traditional look for an eternity band. 

The “Third” Wedding Ring

You may see many married women with 3 rings on their wedding finger as opposed to two. Sometimes the ring is an anniversary band, but other possibilities include:

1. Style – to make your wedding set more symmetrical or simply because of the look

2. Spacer – a thin band worn between the engagement and wedding ring to keep the stones from touching each other to prevent damage

3. Eternity – a symbol of eternity given after 10 years of marriage

4. Children – a ring given after the birth of your first child. Some cultures add a thin band per child. 

Final Note ...

At the end of the day, a ring is simply a ring if you don't remember the meaning behind it. Diamonds are not a girl's best friend - a loving partner is.