About Top Tier Weddings

Top Tier Weddings was born out of my love for weddings, events, and helping clients create a beautiful and unique day to contribute to their love story. I believe that there is nothing more precious than a love story. I also understand that the planning aspect can be an overwhelming experience. I wish for nothing more than to alleviate these pressures, so that you can enjoy the process of planning the first day of your forever.

Top Tier Weddings holds the belief that it’s ALL in the details. My mission is to offer wedding planning services to those who want to make a statement on their big day. I curate events which are rooted in love and passion. I feel it is important to show the love and personality of my clients on their wedding day and to allow that love to manifest itself throughout the planning experience; the wedding day should not be a cause of tension, but rather should foster communion and unity.

Top Tier Weddings is committed to elevating the client experience while offering professional guidance to help others experience the fulfillment that event planning can bring.

About Mary-Anne

Hi! Thank you for visiting Top Tier Weddings! I'm Mary-Anne, the owner of Top Tier Wedding & Event Planning. My planning journey started at a very young age; growing up in a Middle Eastern household, there were MANY celebrations - especially weddings. As such, I was always involved in the process of sharing the stories of my family. Over time, I began to recognize the significance of weddings as a medium which speaks to the beauty of family and community, while also giving the couple an opportunity to express their story on another level with the people they love.

Many of my clients are not surprised to discover that I am also a high school teacher. I began wedding planning professionally when I was in university, and founded Top Tier Weddings while I was completing teacher’s college. When I graduated, I realized that both professions are my passion and saw no reason why I couldn’t do both. Like teaching, wedding and event planning was simply another concept to plot and execute; a gathering meant to be impactful, thoughtful, engaging, and most importantly, fun! 25+ weddings and events later, I’m still dedicated to both professions and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!